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  1. Mechanical Repair & Maintenance

  2. Mechanical Maintenanace, Repair, Cleaning and Painting of Ground Storage Tanks, Silos, Spheres and Elevated Tanks.

    Oil & Gas Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Aluminum Smelters, Power and Desalination Plants, Steel Mills & Pelletizing Plants, Urea & Fertilizer Plants, Cement Plants, Ship Repair Yards/ Dry Docks and Other Industrial Plants.

    Scope of Work includes the following:
    • Tank Cleaning & De-sludging.
    • Mechanical Repair of Tanks & Vessels.
    • Cold Cutting Works.
    • Hydro Blasting.
    • Ultra High Pressure / High Pressure Water Jetting.
    • Blast Cleaning and Coating / Painting & Lining of Tanks and Vessels.
    • Internal Coating & Lining of Vessels.
    • Pipe Cleaning.
    • Internal Pipe Coating.
    • Super Sucking Services.
    • Waste Management.